"Once upon a time in the not too distant past
a little ole retiree was free of school at last.

Free to dream of a mansion, lilac in the back,
she headed North to Palmer, lunch in a sack.

Not finding what she wanted from newspaper ad,
she wandered into ReMax, desperate and sad.

T'was Helga to the rescue with competence and flair,
evident from the beginning she really cared.

"Why settle for an older house when you can have a new?
I know of a top-notch builder, xxxx's the man for you!"

The little ole retiree began to shake with fear.
Could she really trust these strangers to make her house appear?

But that Real Estate sage knew the dream would come true
only with a change in attitude.

So it was tutor and counsel and mother she must
in order to gain her client's trust.

And what do you know? A crash course in Real Estate 101
made a believer out of that Son-of-a-Gun!

Well, the little ole retiree's home is now complete
with a view of the valley and Pioneer Peak.

Now the moral to this story is plain for all to see.
Houses, lots, and acres can be sold by anyone for a fee.
but it takes a Helga Larson to make a dream reality.

-Little Ole Retiree, herself


"a big THANK YOU..for everything you did to help us get our new place. Your advice and assistance made it all happen..."

Kevin & Rise - Palmer

"Throughout this transaction your knowledge, dedication, and positive attitude were important factors in making this purchase an easy, satisfying and enjoyable process."

"We will continue to recommend your professional services."

Jan & Fred